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Narrow Escape - Iberian Lynx, Wildlife art by Akvile Lawrence

"Narrow Escape - Iberian Lynx" by Wildlife Artist Akvile Lawrence

This Iberian lynx has waited patiently for just the right opportunity before springing lightning-fast into action.
The Iberian lynx is a highly endangered species, native originally to much of Spain, is now limited to isolated pockets in southern Spain. The decline of the Iberian lynx can be partly blamed on encroaching civilization, however, a more specific factor has been disease in its natural food, rabbits. Conservations efforts are being made and with some luck the Iberian lynx can be reintroduced over its historical, natural range. This painting portrays a female lynx in action. We will never know who won this particular chase, we do know that a mother lynx with cubs requires several rabbits per day to survive.


37 cm by 28 cm
Price: 495 SEK

Originals and prints of Akvile's wildlife paintings can be purchased directly via our website, using safe and convenient paypal. Originals, of course are subject to availability. Prints are made from high resolution scans of the originals and are giclees printed on fine-art paper. All wildlife paintings and prints are sold without a frame. We guarantee your satisfaction: if you are not happy with the painting or print that you buy, send it back in unblemished condition within two weeks of receiving it and we will refund your money (we cannot, however, refund the cost of the return postage).

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