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Decorative Painting

We specialize in decorating panels and furniture. Mostly we decorate panels in grisaille ornamentation and grotesque. Our grotesque panels are decorated with architectural ornaments, flowers and foliage interweaving with butterflies, birds, animals, human figures or other desirable objects. Grisaille ornamentation is ornament painting entirely in monochrome or nearly monochrome executed in baroque, rococo and neoclassical style in grey tones and usually depicting ornaments and decorations that could be executed in plaster (bas-relief carvings) and thus creating a trompe l´oeil effect. Acanthus is one of the most popular and often returning motives. Acanthus was popular in many cultures since its introduction into the world of decorative architecture in Greece, and gives an elegant and eye pleasing classical decoration, suitable for not only formal but also for informal interiors. We specialize in grotesque, popular during baroque, rococo and neoclassicism in Sweden, Great Britain, France and Italy based on inspiration from some of the greatest historical decorators such as Adrien Louis Masreliez (1748-1810) of Sweden. Examples for the interior details that are suitable and were historically decorated in this style are wall panels, over door mantels, pediments, doors, etc.


Unless, you live in south-mid Sweden, experience has revealed that the most comfortable way for you to order is by sending us an email with a description of what you are looking for. We are more than happy to provide advice if you don't feel your ideas are fully developed.

We will contact you to discuss your request. Pricing depends on the number of details, size, materials and any time constraints you may have. Work is started after an agreement about the materials, costs and timeframe for the work. Overseas customers please check VAT issues with your local tax authorities.

From ordering to achieving:

  • After an order has been made, a confirmation document detailing the commissioned work is sent to you for signing and paying the deposit. The deposit for commissioned work is usually 50% of the price.
  • After the commission has been completed, a photo is sent for your approval. Items are dispached after the full payment has been received.

If the commission is cancelled by a customer after the deposit has been paid, the deposit minus an administrative fee will be refunded providing the work has not been started. However, if the work has already been started the deposit will not be refunded.